Venturi-Meters / Venturi Tubes

Our Venturi-Meters are used for precise measurement of both Liquid and Gas fluids for full pipe flows.

Our Venturis come in Flanged, Welded, Pipe-Insert type of arrangements.

We manufacture Venturi Meters in Machined, Fabricated and Machined-Fabricated Hybrid types which enables us to cater to a large range of sizes ranging from DN 50 (2”) to DN 1500 (60”).

Our all Venturi-meters are compatible with ASME MFC-3M, ISO 5167, BS 7045 and IS 4477 in terms of performance and Construction.

Superlative Performance Characteristics

  • Comfortable with both vacuum and high pressure flow conditions
  • Comfortable with both Cryogenic and High Temperature conditions
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Less than 1% Error in flow measurement (in accordance with Global Standards).

Advantages of our Venturi-Meters:

  • Strong Corrosion resistance
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements
  • Long Operating life
  • Silent Operation
  • Compatible with Hazardous and Flammable environments
  • Design and Construction as per ASME, PED, Standards
  • U-Stamp and CE marking certification (if required)
We Manufacture Venturi-Meters in a large range of Materials:
Metals Non-Metals
Carbon Steel FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics)
Bronze PVDF (Polyvinylidene Flouride)
Stainless Steel PTFE lined
Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels
6MO Stainless Steels