Ballast Eductor | Bilge Eductor

Ballast Ejectors & Bilge Ejectors are Liquid Ejectors specifically designed for the Shipbuilding Industry.

A Conventional Mechanical Pump requires Electrical Energy for its operation, similarly Ballast Ejectors / Bilge Ejectors require High Pressure Liquid flow, they utilize the energy stored in the pumped liquid. The Operation of these Ejectors does not involve any moving parts and is completely dependent on the internal geometry.

In most Installations these Ejectors utilize Liquid from the Ballast Headers or from the vessel’s Fire Fighting system.

The Ballast / Bilge Ejectors are designed to occupy minimum space and weight is kept to minimum considering the sensitive requirements of the Shipbuilding Industry.

The low-capacity models are also designed for portable application.

Our Ballast Ejectors are successfully catering to de-Ballasting operations, pumping Crude and evacuating Bilges on Ships throughout the World.

Features of Ballast & Bilge Eductor Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • Fluids Handled : Sea Water, River/Lake Water, Crude Oil
  • Available in multiple configurations – Axial Suction Connection & Axial Motive Connection
  • Self-priming nature of operation
  • Ability to handle High Suction lifts upto 7m. Higher Lift options are also available
  • Delivers Discharge Head upto 35m
  • Works with a large range of Motive / Driving Pressures – 3 bar(a) to 12bar(a)
  • Total range distributed in more than 12 sizes : Large no. of sizes ensures optimum selection
  • Available with multiple Flange Specifications: ASME B 16.5, ASME B 16.24, DIN 2501, EN 1092, JIS B2220
  • Low-Capacity Models are also available with threaded Connections
  • Adherence to Global Shipping Standards : ABS, DNV, IRS and others
  • Features of Ballast & Bilge Eductor Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technologies

    • Capacity to provide high suction lifts helps in stripping the bilges to the last litre with the help of our Bilge Ejectors
    • Self-priming nature and high suction capacity of our Ballast Ejectors makes Ballasting easier Standardized Model range ensures low cost and fast delivery times
    • Effective performance in a wide range of applications.
    • Smaller size models also function as portable Ejectors due to their low self-weight and availability of Threaded connections.
    • No moving parts – Ensures excellent reliability, zero maintenance and a very long operating life
    • Silent Operation
    • No risk of Sparking – Can be comfortably used in Hazardous Areas
    • Available MOC

      Standardized Models Bronze
      SS 304 / SS 316
      Custom Built Models Carbon Steel (Galvanised)
      Super Duplex

      Applications of Ballast and Bilge Eductor in Marine Environments

      1.Ballast Stripping : Stripping of Ballast Tanks
      2.Bilge stripping : Stripping of Bilge Area
      3.Crude Stripping : For pumping Crude Oil from Crude Tanks
      4.Chain Locker Ejector : Stripping of Anchor Chain Storage Area
      5.Engine Room Ejector
      6.Cargo Oil Ejector
      7.Crude Oil Ejector
      8.Portable Ejectors