Pump Priming Ejectors | Priming Eductor | Centrifugal Pump Priming

Pump Priming:

  • The suction line of a Centrifugal Pump needs to run full of liquid for the pump to start with the pumping.

  • This creates a problem when there’s a positive height difference between the Pump Suction level and Sump liquid level. This height difference is known as Suction lift.

  • Hence the liquid needs to be drawn upto the pump level to ensure pumping start-up. The process of ensuring liquid presence in the suction line of the pump is known as Priming. The Priming process is a compulsory part of pump operation.

  • Improper priming results into formation of gas pockets in the pump impeller which prevent liquid flow.

  • Running the pump with improper priming leads to overheating of the motor and mechanical damage to the pump.

Ejectors for Pump Priming:

  • Ejector / Eductor operate by creating a vacuum inside the suction line of the pump. The vacuum draws the liquids from sump upto the pump elevation.

  • Ejector / Eductor require a Compressed Air Supply as an Energy input. Easy availability of Compressed air and minimal flow requirement allows the Ejector / Eductor to be easily accommodated by the existing facility.

  • Unlike other priming arrangements such as Foot Valves, Priming Tanks; Ejector / Eductor do not require any auxiliary liquid pump for its working.

  • Ejector / Eductor are also superior to Vacuum Pump Technology for Priming due to the following reasons:

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps require a Water/Liquid supply for their operation. In most of the cases Water/Liquid supply cannot be provided unless the Centrifugal Pump in question is started.

  • Dry vacuum pump technology doesn’t tolerate liquid ingestion and is not economically feasible for the application.

  • Vacuum Pumps require considerable maintenance. The high maintenance cost drives the total Lifecycle Cost up.

Crystal TCS’s Priming Ejector / Eductor:

Salient Features of our Pump Priming Ejectors :

  • A wide range of models to choose from, enables achieving optimum priming time.

  • Can easily provide Suction Lifts upto 9m for water pumps.

  • Can operate with Compressed Air pressures as less as 3 Bar(g).

  • Rugged construction and compact size enable installation in difficult to access areas.

  • We manufacture Ejector / Eductor in a wide variety of materials (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and FRP) to suit the pumping liquid’s corrosive effects.

  • Easily tolerate Liquid ingestion.

  • Reliable and Maintenance free operation.

  • Silent operation.


  • Priming for Centrifugal Pumps with large size Suction lines (4” and more).

  • Priming for Seawater Pumps.

  • Priming for Corrosive Liquid Pumping.