Liquid jet Compressor | Liquid Gas Compressor | Liquid Jet Gas Compressors

Our Liquid Jet Gas Ejectors use the high velocity motive jet to suck and compress various gases and vapours.

Each unit is custom designed which makes it possible to obtain the exact compression ratio and obtain optimum efficiency.

Our Liquid Gas Compressor deliver high compression ratios at a healthy entrainment rate (Suction flow / Motive flow) which delivers high efficiencies.

Advantages for Liquid jet Compressor | Liquid Gas Compressor

  • High Compression Ratio in a single stage.
  • Ability to utilize very high motive pressures.
  • Intelligent Material selection enables a strong corrosion resistance
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements
  • Long Operating life
  • Silent Operation
  • Compact size.
  • Compatible with Hazardous and Flammable environments
  • Design and Construction as per ASME, PED, AD 2000 Standards
  • U-Stamp and CE marking certification (if required)

Typical Applications :

Vapour Recovery System
Flare Gas Recovery
Hydrogen based De-nitrification of Drinking Water
Oxygen gas Introduction for hard water treatment
Ozone gas Introduction for waste water treatment
Oxygen gas Introduction for waste water treatment
Atmospheric air entrainment in Sewage Treatment