Atmospheric Air Ejectors- Liquid Ring Pump Combination Systems

The maximum obtainable vacuum by a Liquid ring vacuum pumps is dependent on the temperature and vapour pressure of the sealing fluid.

For LRVPs operating with water which is commonly used as the sealing fluid, a water inlet temperature of 30 degC can facilitate a minimum suction pressure of around 50 mmHg while a water inlet temperature of around 15 degC can facilitate a minimum suction pressure of 30 mmHg.

To obtain further deeper vacuum, an Atmospheric Air Ejector can be installed before the LRVP.

The atmospheric air ejector uses air from atmosphere to boost the suction media upto vacuum levels manageable by LRVPs.

An Atmospheric air ejector-LRVP combination system can be effectively used to obtain vacuum upto 5 torr(abs) or 6 mbar(abs)

Atmospheric air ejectors use freely available air from atmosphere as their energy source which eliminates any need for gas supply systems or compressors.

Combination systems need a higher capacity vacuum pump in order to accommodate the atmospheric air along with the suction media.

We supply entire package comprising of atmospheric jet ejectors backed up by a Liquid ring vacuum pump and can also supply a standalone Atmospheric Air Ejector Suppliers and Manufacturers an existing Liquid ring vacuum pump to enhance the obtainable vacuum.