Marine and Ship Building

The rigorous demands of marine applications and shipping industry are well supplemented by our Ejector solutions. Our ejector solutions cater to various areas in the ships with the below being the most common ones.

Ballast stripping ejector

o Our Ballast stripping ejectors are used to

  • Transfer ballast water from one tank to another
  • To fetch ballast from the sea
  • To de-ballast water back to the sea

o The ability of our ejectors to operate with very high suction lifts and to accommodate multi-phase flow allows stripping the last water droplet from the tanks.

Product: Liquid jet Liquid Ejector

Bilge stripping Ejector

o The Bilge stripping Ejectors cater to stripping bilge water from the Cargo Holds, Chain locker compartments and Bilge compartments.

o Our Ejectors with their ability to deliver very high suction lifts help to strip the lowermost bilge areas with ease.

o The foul and corrosive composition of the bilge water is easily tackled by our Duplex Stainless Steel Ejectors.

Product: Liquid jet Liquid Ejector

Ejectors for Fresh Water Generation

o Our Ejector are used in multi-phase pumping of concentrated brine and non-condensable gases from the desalination chamber.

o Duplex Stainless Steel construction helps to resist corrosion due to sea-water and concentrated brine.

o Ability to pump a multi-phase mixture from vacuum helps to maintain lower desalination pressure and increases the yield.

Product: Liquid jet Liquid Ejector

De-gassing ejectors

o Our ejectors provide a safe and effective solution for degassing of Cargo holds, Ballast tanks, Bilge areas and Engine holds.

o The ability of our ejectors to operate safely in hazardous areas is of extreme use while evacuating flammable and volatile vapours from the ship compartments.

Product: Liquid jet Gas Ejector