Liquid Vacuum Ejector / Eductor | Liquid Vacuum Pump | Liquid jet Vacuum Pump

Liquid jet Vacuum Ejector are Liquid Gas Ejectors specifically developed for creating and maintaining vacuum in a wide range of applications..

The Liquid jet Vacuum Ejectors uses the energy in pumped liquid to suck gases / vapours and create vacuum. It can work with a wide range of gases and liquids.

In majority of the applications the Liquid Vacuum Ejector is driven by pumped water or water based solutions.

The Liquid jet Vacuum Ejector offers considerable benefits when compared for liquid vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump.

Most importantly the Liquid jet Vacuum Ejector tolerates liquid droplets going inside the ejector along with the sucked gases which is a common issue observed in most of the applications.

Advantages for Liquid Vacuum Ejector | Liquid Vacuum Pump

  • Standardized Model range ensures low cost and fast delivery times.
  • Effective performance in a wide range of applications.
  • Total range distributed in 8 sizes : Large no. of sizes ensures optimum selection
  • Delivers very high vacuum - For ejector operated with water @ 30°C, ultimate vacuum upto 30 Torr or 40mbar can be obtained
  • To obtain higher vacuum upto 15~20 Torr, Atmospheric Air Ejectors are available as accessory for higher capacity Models - LVE 65, LVE 80, LVE 100.
  • Each model can operate with wide range of motive liquid pressure from 2.5 bar(a) to 6 bar(a).
  • Ability to operate with low liquid pressure [2.5 ~ 3 bar(a)] enables driving the ejector with single stage plastic impeller pumps. This provides a great benefit as liquid vacuum pump with plastic impellers are not susceptible to most corrosive liquid attacks and are low cost alternative to pumps made from exotic materials.
  • No moving parts – Ensures excellent reliability, zero maintenance and a very long operating life.
  • Silent Operation.
  • Easily tolerate Liquid ingestion – zero maintenance requirement.
  • No risk of Sparking – Can be comfortably used in Hazardous Areas.

Available in wide range of materials and complete range of end connections

Metals Non-Metals
Standardized Models SS 304L PVC
SS 316L PP
Bronze (with Flanged / Threaded type End Connections) HDPE (with Flanged / Threaded / Union / Socket type End Connections)
Custom Built Models Duplex Graphite
Super Duplex

Applications :

1.Process vacuum
2.Gas Evacuation
3.Liquid Degassing
4.Injecting gases into Liquid Tanks
5.Gas Micro-bubbling
6.Gas-Liquid Reactions (Venturi Loop Reactors)