Slurry Ejectors for Lime Slurry Transport

Lime or Calcium Hydroxide is an important ingredient for water & wastewater treatment. Thousands of water treatment plants across the world use Lime for water treatment on a daily basis.
Lime Slurry is a alkaline material and when added to water it allows water to be softened, purified, have its cloudiness eliminated, its acidity to be neutralized and its impurities to be eliminated.

Water treatment systems require the lime in solid form to be mixed with water and transported to the treatment tanks. Also the Lime has to be dosed in exact quantities in accordance with tank capacities.

Hence the dosing system has to collect the lime from the packing bag, mix it with water and transfer it to the dosing point.

Slurry Ejectors are essentially liquid ejectors that utilize pumped water for operation.

Slurry Ejectors suck the Lime Slurry from the bags and mix it with water inside the ejector. The mixture of Lime and Water is then pumped out from the Ejector outlet.
Thus the Slurry Ejector also acts as pump and can develop significant head at the outlet This enables the lime slurry to be pumped to long distances with help of the Slurry Ejector

Slurry Ejectors are perfectly suited for Lime Slurry dosing because of their inherent characteristics
• Performs dual function of mixing Lime Slurry with water and pumping the slurry mixture.
• Ejectors do not contain any moving parts and have large internal passage areas, hence are not vulnerable to clogging by solid particles.
• As they have no moving parts, maintenance requirements are very less. Also it reduces largely the risk of abrupt breakdowns, helps in maintaining the regular production schedule
• Service Water is a commonly available utility and hence no additional infrastructure is typically required.