Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers

Thermal design or thermal sizing of a heat exchanging equipment is a multi-variable design challenge which presents multiple solutions for a single design case.

Hence the real art in thermal sizing is to select the design / configuration which allows for the lowest heat exchange area and equipment size without compromising on the operational aspects and maintenance requirements from the equipment.

We at Crystal TCS backed by our 30+ years of experience ensure optimum design without any operational shortcomings.

We cater to thermal design services for heat exchanging equipment for a wide range of applications across multiple industrial sectors

And deal with the below types:

Type of Heat Exchangers according to type of service:

  1. Liquid heaters / coolers
  2. Condensers
  3. Reboilers

Type of Heat Exchangers according to construction:

  1. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  2. Kettle Reboilers
  3. Hairpin Heat exchangers
  4. Bayonet Heat exchangers
  5. Immersion Heat Exchangers

Type of Heat exchanger according to material of construction:

Metals Non-Metals
(Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steels)
Titanium Alloys Silicon Carbide
Tantalum lined Plastics

We are a member of the Heat Transfer institute Incorporation, USA (HTRI).

All our thermal designs allow the exchanger construction in accordance with TEMA, ASME Standards.

Typical applications of our Thermal sizing

Multi-Component Boiling
Multi-component condensation
Pickling Heat exchangers
Sulphuric Acid concentration
Phosphoric Acid concentration