Slurry Eductor | Sludge Eductor | Solids Eductor

Sludge and Slurry pumping are demanding applications which put a strain on the pumping setup. Eductors being static devices do not create maintenance and reliability problems when used for Slurry handling..

We manufacture and supply specialized Eductor solutions for Sludge and Slurry Handling. Our experience with Eductor Technology enables us to derive solutions for even the most viscous slurries applications. The flow friendly and non-clogging nature of Eductor design make our Eductors the perfect match for your sludge and slurry handling requirements. Our material selection plays an important role in ensuring long operating life in the face of abrasive conditions

Our Sludge Eductor and Slurry Eductor handling units are supplied as standalone Eductor units as well as full-fledged skid mounted installations.

Salient Features of Sludge Eductor / Slurry Eductor

  • Can handle wide range of slurries and solids
  • Suitable for highly viscous Slurries
  • Can handle abrasive solids and Slurries – for aggressive application carbide internals are provided for a prolonged life
  • Self-priming nature of operation
  • Suitable for powders, granules and lumpy solid matter
  • Can provide a wide range of discharge pressure at outlet
  • Can handle Multi-phase flow mixtures
  • Can be supplied with Hopper for ease of supplying solids to the Eductor
  • Media regularly handled by our Sludge Eductor / Slurry Eductor

      Slurries Solids
      Sand Slurry PAC (powdered Activated Carbon)
      Lime Slurry Granular Activated Carbon
      Ash Slurry Lime Powder
      ACC (Activated Calcium Carbonate)
      PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate)
      GCC (Ground Calcium Carbonate)

      Advantages of Slurry Eductor and Sludge Eductor

      • Effective performance for viscous Slurries.
      • Prolonged life for abrasive & erosive applications.
      • Eductor’s ability to pump the mixed solids or diluted liquids eliminates requirement of any extra pumping equipment
      • No risk of choking due to presence of solid particulate matter
      • No moving parts – Ensures excellent reliability, zero maintenance and a very long operating life
      • Silent Operation
      • No risk of Sparking – Can be comfortably used in Hazardous Areas

      Available MOC

      Regular MOC Exotic MOC MOC for aggressive applications
      Bronze Duplex Carbide Internals
      SS 304 / SS 316 Super Duplex Silicon Carbide Internals

Applications :

Sand Slurry Ejector
Sand Slurry Eductor
PAC Mixing Ejector
PAC Mixing Eductor
Lime Slurry Eductor
Sand Cleaning
Mud Pumping
Sand Slurry Pumping
Sludge Handling
Heavy Residual Sludge Handling