Process Gas Ejectors

Ejectors can be designed to work with any gas or vapour as its motive energy source. Such Ejectors can be used for drawing Vacuum as well as to work as Compressors in the above atmospheric pressure range.

Running an ejector with available high pressure vapour/gas helps to eliminate the costs required for creating a separate infrastructure for the Ejector motive fluid source such as Air or Steam.

Contamination of the process media can be avoided by using the same media under high pressure as the motive energy source.

We manufacture and Supplier of Process Gas Ejectors in different metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steels and Exotic Metals and in non-metals like FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic), PVDF (Polyvinylidene Flouride) and Graphite.

The material selection is done after making careful assessments and taking due considerations of the process mediums.

Applications :

Ejectors Vapor Recovery Unit

    Ejector Vapour Recovery Units provide reliable solution for recovery of valuable product and in reducing VOC and HAP emissions in the Oil and Gas sector and in Chemical Process Industry.

    System employs Process Gas Ejectors for compressing the large volumes of vented vapours at near atmospheric pressures upto the discharge pressure.

    The ability of a Process Gas Ejector to suck the vapours in, is what sets it apart from Mechanical Compression based recovery systems.

Flare gas Recovery Systems

    Traditionally the low pressure waste gas in refineries used to be let off to the atmosphere by burning it in the flare stacks. But nowadays in order to boost production and to comply with the environmental regulations, the waste gas is reintroduced in the process or used as fuel in the plant. Flare gas recovery systems work by compressing the waste gas and then reintroduce it in the process. Process gas driven vacuum ejector are used to compress the waste gas in these systems when High Pressure gas is available in the plant.

    This eliminates gas contamination and provides a simple and reliable solution for recompressing waste gases.

    Ejectors also eliminate any risk of ignition during compression and help liberate space in the plant due to their compact nature.

Waste gases as Motive Fluids

    Waste gases generally observed in Industrial plants are available at moderate pressures and temperatures. Generally these gases are let off into the atmosphere after throttling through a valve or other pressure reduction devices.

    It is also not possible to carry out waste heat recovery from these gases for all applications. Generally these gases comprise of Vent gases, combustion products, and vapour mixtures. These gases with their moderate pressures and high temperatures can be used as motive mediums for vacuum generation.

    The complex compositions and high temperatures make the aerodynamic design and material selection critical for these Ejectors.

Reactor Sampling Systems

    Inert gas operated Ejectors are used for drawing Reactor samples in processes where the media is sensitive to contact with air. Utilizing Inert gas helps conserve the exact purity of the samples and prevents any physical or chemical decomposition. Our sampling ejectors are used for Air reactive media and flammable gas sampling. We supply Reactor Sampling Systems motivated by a diverse range of gases (Nitrogen, Inert gases like Helium and Argon).

    These Ejectors work with a wide range of gas Inlet pressures and can comfortably pull vacuum upto 100 Torr.

    Ejectors operating with deeper vacuum can also be supplied