Our Technology

Ejectors are simple devices, having no moving parts, and depend on the variation in the geometry of their internal passages for producing vacuum.

The simplicity of construction in turn puts a critical emphasis on the technology and aerodynamic design of these devices.

Balanced emphasis on Theory and Experimental testing.

  • Keeping an approach of developing Theoretical models from first principles has helped us gain an extensive insight into Ejector Technology.
  • Verification of the theory through actual performance testing has added credibility to our developed models
  • The in-house pilot plant and testing facilities has so far validated scores of Ejector models in a wide range of design conditions.

Expertise in manufacturing

  • An exhaustive know how of machining and fabrication processes compliments our technological know-how in realising the design in reality.
  • It also helps us to envision and build Ejector systems in a very wide variety of materials: metals and non-metals both.

Aerodynamics excellence and manufacturing expertize serve as cornerstones in providing a solid foundation to our Ejectors Systems and Solutions.