Mixing Ejector | Dilution Ejector

We manufacture and supply custom designed Liquid Ejectors / Liquid Eductors for Mixing and Dilution applications.

The Mixing Ejectors / Mixing Eductors create precise flows for maintaining the mixing ratio.

The Dilution Ejectors / Dilution Eductors create precise flows for maintaining the required concentration.

The Eductor performs a dual function of providing a precise flow and pumping it to the required pressure

Custom design enables accommodating the exact required flow and delivering the required discharge pressures

Salient Features of Mixing Ejectors / Mixing Eductors

  • Can handle wide range of media from Liquids to Solids
  • Suitable for corrosive liquids
  • Suitable for powders, granules and lumpy solid matter
  • Can provide a wide range of discharge pressure at outlet
  • Tolerates Multi-phase flow
  • Self-priming nature of operation
    • liquids solids
      Sulphuric Acid PAC (powdered Activated Carbon)
      Hydrochloric Acid Granular Activated Carbon
      Caustic Solution Lime Powder
      Alkali Solution ACC (Activated Calcium Carbonate)
      PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate)
      GCC (Ground Calcium Carbonate)
      Sand Slurry

      Advantages of our mixing and dilution Ejectors

      • Delivers precise Mixing ratio
      • Precise Concentration after Dilution
      • Eductor’s ability to pump the mixed solids or diluted liquids eliminates requirement of any extra pumping equipment.
      • No risk of choking due to presence of solid particulate matter.
      • No moving parts – Ensures excellent reliability, zero maintenance and a very long operating life.
      • No risk of Sparking – Can be comfortably used in Hazardous Areas
      Metallic MOC Non-Metallic MOC
      Bronze PVC
      SS 304 / SS 316 PP
      Carbon Steel (Galvanised) PVDF
      Duplex FRP
      Super Duplex Graphite

Applications :

Chemical Mixing
Sand Slurry Ejector
Sand Slurry Eductor
Acid Dilution Ejector
Acid Dilution Eductors
Caustic Dilution Ejector
Caustic Dilution Eductor
PAC Mixing Ejector
PAC Mixing Eductor
Lime Mixing Ejector
Lime Mixing Eductor