Liquid Solids Ejectors, Hopper Eductors, and Hopper Ejectors Unveiled

Liquid Jet Solids Ejectors are based on the Jet Venturi principle and utilize energy of high velocity liquid jets for Solid Conveying.

The Liquid jet Solid Ejector entrains the slurries and pressurize it to match the required counter-pressures.

For Solid-Liquid mixing application the ejector serves a dual purpose of mixing and pumping the mixture through the piping network in one single unit.

Ejectors do not have moving parts and hence do not need dynamic seals. This eliminates problems due to seal failure and leakage. The Liquid jet Solids Ejector provides a reliable alternative to mechanical pumps.

The smooth internal passages allow the solid-liquid mixture to flow evenly preventing clogging. In case of clogging of the discharge network the ejector can temporarily raise its discharge pressure and push the clogging material out of the network.

Our Liquid jet Solids Ejector are suitable for mixing and conveying of charcoal, lime, fly ash, rock powder, activated carbon powder, granulated salt, sand, sawdust, soda ash, dry sodium nitrate, powdered sulphur and many other materials.

Superlative Performance Characteristics

  • Ability to handle Dry Solid Particles/Powders, wetted particle mixtures and slurries with equal competence.
  • High precision metered flows for powder dosing applications
  • Low NPSH Requirement
  • Ability to utilize Motive pressures as high as 100 bar.

Advantages of Liquid Solids Ejectors and Hopper Ejector/Eductor Technologies

  • Direct or hopper based solid feeding arrangement.
  • Self-cleaning mode of operation
  • Strong Corrosion resistance
  • Compact size and Possibility of remote installation – helps to install the ejector close to the solid handling system which reduces the pumping loop in turn reducing the required power and possibility of clogging
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements
  • Long Operating life
  • Zero Vibrations and Silent Operation
  • Compatible with Hazardous and Flammable environments
  • Design and Construction as per ASME, PED, AD 2000 Standards
  • U-Stamp and CE marking certification (if required)

We Manufacture Liquid Solids ejectors in a large range of Materials:

Metals Non-Metals
Carbon Steel PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Stainless Steel FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics)
Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels Ceramic lined

Applications of Liquid Solids Ejectors and Hopper Ejector Systems

Water and Biological Sewage Treatment Ejectors
  • Ion exchange resin introduction
  • Activated powdered carbon mixing
  • Activated granular carbon mixing
  • ( View more...)
Powder Dosing Ejectors
Sludge and Slurry Handling
Clean in Place Ejectors