Liquid Jet Pumps | Jet Pumps

Liquid Jet Pumps or simply Jet Pumps are Liquid Ejectors / Eductors which utilize the jet-venturi principle for boosting liquid pressure. Liquid Jet Pumps are also known as Eductor Pumps in some parts of the world.

We manufacture Liquid Jet Pumps to the highest quality standards which results into excellent pumping efficiencies. Our Liquid jet Pumps provide a wide range of delivery heads that suit every requirement in the industry. Self-priming nature also helps it to function without the need for any additional equipment.

Our extensive experience with Liquid Ejectors / Eductors enable us to avoid cavitation in our liquid Jet Pumps which translates into efficient operation and a long operating life. It has also helped us in designing pumps for reliable pumping of viscous fluids

Add to that the fact that Liquid jet Pumps have a healthy tolerance towards particulate solid matter in liquids and hence is regularly used for pumping muddy water and sewage.

Salient Features of Jet Pumps / Eductor Pumps

  • Can Handle wide range of fluids ranging from Water to Brine to Industrial Chemicals
  • Can work with viscous fluids
  • Tolerates Solids and Particulate presence in pumped liquid
  • Tolerates Multi-phase flow
  • Self-priming nature of operation
  • Ability to handle High Suction lifts upto 7m. Higher Lift options are also available
  • Advantages of Jet Pumps / Eductor Pumps

    • Effective performance in a wide range of applications.
    • High efficiencies due to non-cavitating operation
    • No risk of choking due to presence of solid particulate matter
    • No risk of losing prime due to dissolved or mixed gas.
    • Smaller size models also function as portable Ejectors due to their low self-weight and availability of Threaded connections.
    • High over-pressure protection, comfortably handle transient pressure fluctuations.
    • No moving parts – Ensures excellent reliability, zero maintenance and a very long operating life
    • Silent Operation
    • No risk of Sparking – Can be comfortably used in Hazardous Areas
    Metallic MOC Non-Metallic MOC
    Bronze PVC
    SS 304 / SS 316 PP
    Carbon Steel (Galvanised) PVDF
    Duplex FRP
    Super Duplex Graphite

Typical Applications :

Brine Ejectors
Brine Eductors
Brine Pumping
Hydrocarbon Ejector
Hydrocarbon Eductor
Carbamate Solution Recycling
NPSH enhancement for Centrifugal Pumps