Jet scrubbers, Venturi scrubbers

Jet Scrubbers are liquid jet gas ejectors which are designed to suck and entrain gas flows and transport them to the discharge end.

The gas flow once entrained is intimately mixed with the motive liquid.

The intimate mixing increases the gas-liquid contact area which helps in Gas Absorption and gas cooling.

The increased gas liquid contact is also helpful in scrubbing the gas of dust and solid particulate matter.


  • High Flow ratio (Suction flow / Motive flow)
  • Intelligent Material selection enables a strong corrosion resistance
  • Excellent Scrubbing characteristics
  • High Gas Cleaning Efficiency
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements
  • Long Operating life
  • Silent Operation
  • Compatible with Hazardous and Flammable environments
  • Design and Construction as per ASME, PED, AD 2000 Standards
  • U-Stamp and CE marking certification (if required)

Typical Applications :

CO2 entrainment in production of carbonated Drinks
Corrosive Gas scrubbing
De-aeration of seawater
Hydrogenaion of Edible Oils
H2S Scrubbing
Vent gas Scrubbing
Vessel Evacuation