Jet Pumps for Multi-phase Pumping

Multi-Phase mixtures either liquid-gas or solid-liquid provide formidable challenges to mechanical pumping equipment.

Ejectors if properly designed on the other hand provide a reliable method for continuously pumping multi-phase solutions.

Our liquid jet Ejectors are specially designed to accommodate a liquid-gas loading such as the oil-gas mixture from oil-wells or mixed flows from degassers or high gas solubility liquids. We at Crystal TCS take into account the characteristics of a multi-phase case (constant, varying, intermittent) in the liquid jet ejector design which translates into superior performance on commissioning.

Advantages of our Ejectors in Multi-phase pumping

  • Effective for Gas-liquid emulsions and Liquid-solid multi-phase solutions
  • Provides effective pumping in case of intermittent and varying flows.
  • Ability to accommodate a sudden change in flow composition and nature.
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements.
  • Long Operating life.

Typical Applications :

Oil-Gas mixture pumping for L.P Oil Wells
Degasser Pressure Boosting Ejector
Ejectors in Fresh Water Generation
Emulsion pumping