Hydrogen Generation Systems

1. Hydrogen Generation by Electrolysis

We deal in Hydrogen generation systems based on the electrolysis of Water. The heart of the system is the electrolyser unit which decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen. The separated hydrogen is collected and treated to obtain pure hydrogen gas (>99.7%) as the output.

Our systems are available upto a capacity of 1500 Nm3/hr in a single unit. Higher capacities can be designed upon request.

Salient Features of our Hydrogen generation systems:

The unit generates Hydrogen at pressure upto 30 bar, eliminating the need of a separate gas compressor for boosting the pressure.

Robust and Skid Mounted construction enables ease of handling and mounting.

The units can also be installed inside a single container, eliminating the need for separate unit housing facility.

Short Cold Start times enable to maximize process output.

High reliability combined with High efficiency makes the System cost-effective over its life cycle.


Power to Gas Applications and Energy storage system

2. Hydrogen Generation by Steam reforming of Methane and Natural gases
3. Hydrogen Generation by PSA Technology with cracking of Ammonia & Methanol