Pickling Heat Exchangers | Heat Exchangers for Corrosive Applications

The high corrosion resistance of Exotic metals and Special Steel combined with their high heat conductivity and manufacturing friendly properties make them ideally suitable for use in Heat Exchangers.

We deal in various type of Heat Exchangers such as Shell and tube Heat Exchangers, Pickling Heat Exchangers, Bayonet Type Heat Exchangers, Hairpin Exchangers, Tantalum Heat Exchangers ,Pickling Heat Exchangers Suppliers.

Our Heat Exchangers are used in the Chemical and process Industry and have ensured a long and stress free operation for our clients.

We also supply custom made Heating / Cooling Coils to satisfy small heat duties and tank Heating Applications.

Tantalum Heat Exchangers for Ultimate Corrosion resistance:

The ability of tantalum to resist severe corrosion makes it an ideal choice for heat exchangers with highly corrosive process fluids.

Severe Corrosive environments involved in heating /boiling of corrosive acids in tanks can be comfortably handled by Tantalum Bayonet Heaters.

Typical Applications :

1. Pickling

Tantalum Heat Exchangers are now emerging as a fulfilling solution towards the needs of the pickling process.

Tantalum’s robust resistance to HCL and H2SO4 corrosion along with its ability to withstand high temperatures in continuous operation has minimized downtime and nullified stoppages in pickling lines due to Heat exchanger problems.

These Heat exchangers are Shell and tube Type and the use of Carbon Steel for shell material and FRP chambers for Acid Inlet and Outlet has made Tantalum Heat exchangers a cost- effective solution for pickling.

2. Sulphuric Acid Concentration Systems

In a sulphuric acid concentration system, dilute sulphuric acid is heated to high temperatures to evaporate the water content which in turn increases concentration.

The extreme corrosive nature of sulphuric acid, the change in corrosive activity as the acid becomes concentrated, combined with the high temperatures makes the heat exchanges vulnerable to extreme corrosive environment.

A typical Sulphuric acid concentration system operates with Steam at 20 bar at temp more than 200°C to raise the concentration of dilute acid to more than 90%, Tantalum has an excellent corrosion resistance against Sulphuric acid and it being a metal is easily able to withstand the high temperatures and pressure unlike heat exchangers made out of non-metals.

Tantalum Bayonet Heaters or reboilers made out of tantalum are specifically used for these applications.

3. Nitric Acid concentration system and Processes involving Nitric acid based compounds.

Nitric acid concentration systems present a highly corrosive environment to the equipment and the high pressures and temperatures further increases the severity of the process. Tantalum Reboiler or Tantalum bayonet type Heat Exchangers are typically used for these systems.

Chemical processes involving Nitric acid compounds are corrosive in nature. Heat Exchangers made out of Titanium, Hastelloys and even tantalum are used for these applications

4. Pharmaceutical Industry

The purity requirements in the pharmaceutical Industries are satisfactorily fulfilled by Tantalum, Titanium and Hastelloy based Heat Exchangers.

The metallic construction also allows the Heat Exchanger to withstand high pressures and temperatures.