Ejectors in Waste-Water and Sewage Treatment

Coagulation-Flocculation is a chemical water treatment technique typically applied prior to sedimentation and filtration (e.g. rapid sand filtration) It is done to enhance the ability of a treatment process to remove particles.

In involves adding a Coagulant and agitating the mixture to accelerate the coagulation process.

We manufacture and supply Liquid Jet Liquid ejectors which are ideally suited for the addition and agitation process. (Coagulation-flocculation)

Our liquid’s ejector sucks the coagulant solution and mixes it with the recirculated waste water / sewage. The mixture is then discharged into the tank at high velocities to create agitation inside the tank.

Activated Sludge addition and Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) are important processes in a modern waste water treatment plant. Liquid jet Solids Ejector is ideal for introducing the activated sludge and carbon, mixing the added contents with waste water. The high velocity discharge further helps in agitating the tank contents and accelerating the process. Our Liquid jet Solids Ejectors provide a reliable, continuous and energy efficient solution for addition of activated particulate in waste water / sewage.

Advantages of Crystal TCS’s Ejectors in sewage treatment:

  • Precisely Metered flows (Coagulant / Waste Water flow).
  • High discharge velocity for enhanced agitation – flocculation
  • Continuous and constant addition of activated particulate in treatment tanks.
  • Non-clogging construction.
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements.
  • Long Operating life.

The material of construction for the Ejector is dependent on the waste water quality with Poly-propylene (PP) and higher grade stainless steels being the most preferred ones.

Applications :

Coagulant introduction
Ion exchange resin introduction in treatment tank
Powdered activated carbon introduction in treatment tank
Granular activated carbon introduction in treatment tank