Ejectors for Waste Water Aeration | Aeration Eductor

Aeration forms an important part of the waste water and sewage treatment process. Aeration involves introducing oxygen into the waste water for accelerating biological degradation.

Liquid jet Gas Ejector or Liquid Eductors are ideal when it comes to entraining and intimately mixing gases into a liquid stream.

Crystal TCS’s Aeration Aeration Ejectors / Aeration Eductors are essentially liquid jet gas Ejectors / Eductors designed considering the exact requirements in Aeration process and showcase the below advantages :

  • High Aeration Rate (Air Flow/ Waste Water flow).
  • Intimate Gas-Water mixing, enables superior oxygen transfer to the waste-water.
  • Optimum velocity distribution in the Ejectors / Eductors to avoid sediment built up.
  • Suitable with both pressurized and atmospheric air.
  • Equally effective for introducing Oxygen and ozone directly into the Water stream
  • No Moving Parts – Reliable performance and very low maintenance requirements.
  • Long Operating life.

The material of construction for the Ejectors / Eductors is dependent on the waste water quality with Poly-propylene (PP) and higher grade stainless steels being the most preferred ones.

Applications :

Hydrogen based De-nitrification of Drinking Water
Oxygen gas Introduction for hard water treatment.
Ozone gas introduction for waste water treatment
Oxygen gas Introduction for waste water treatment
Atmospheric air entrainment in Sewage Treatment