Ejectors for the Shipbuilding Industry : Ballast Stripping Ejectors, Bilge Stripping Ejectors

Ejectors are widely used in the Shipbuilding industry on account of their reliable performance and maintenance free operation.

We manufacture and supply Ejectors specially adapted for the needs of the shipbuilding Industry. Our Ejectors manufactured in Bronze and Duplex Steels provide exhaustive resistance against Sea water corrosion and ensure a long operating life.

Whether it’s de-ballasting the ballast tanks or stripping the bilge or degassing the tanks, Our Ejectors always deliver on performance.

The self-priming nature and high suction capacity of our Ballast Ejectors makes Ballasting easier while the Capacity to provide high suction lifts helps in stripping the bilges to the last litre with the help of our Bilge Stripping Ejectors.

Our Liquid jet Gas Ejectors ensure consistent degassing and help to avoid an escape of any harmful and toxic gases from the storage tanks.

We manufacture Ejectors with the highest quality standards and follow stringent inspection procedures.

Our Ejectors adhere to global shipping standards such as ABS, DNV and others.

Applications :

Ballast stripping, Ballast Ejectors
Bilge stripping, Bilge Ejectors
Vent Ejectors
Degassing Ejector