Process Gas Ejectors

Ejectors for Marine and Offshore Applications

Marine and Offshore Sectors are one of the most demanding and critical applications for our Ejector Systems.

We manufacture and supply Ejectors with special design and construction elements which take in consideration the diverse demands of the Marine sector.

In conventional Marine installations - Sea Platforms, Oil rigs and floating carriers our Ejectors deliver the required while occupying a small footprint. The ease of installation in remote areas, maintenance free operation and long operating life has helped in making them an integral part of these facilities.

The inherent qualities of Our Ejector Technology - Reliable performance, No moving parts and negligible maintenance make them extremely attractive for Subsea facilities. Subsea Ejector installations have proved to be a compatible equipment when it comes to both shallow and deep water facilities.

We manufacture Ejectors with the highest quality standards and follow stringent inspection procedures which translates into precise performance and a long-operating life.

Applications :