Air Ejectors | Compressed Air Driven Vacuum Ejector

Compressed air driven vacuum ejector find a wide use in the industry due to the easy availability of Compressed air which acts as a motive medium in these ejectors. These devices are extremely reliant, and highly compact in size.

Contrary to Steam based vacuum ejectors they do not require cooling water / chilled water for functioning and also don’t require auxiliary equipment such as condensers, condensate pumps and hotwells.

The only required input is compressed air.

Every Air Ejector is custom designed and tailor made to suit your application. Each design is properly documented with us thus eliminating any spare part availability in the future.

These units can be designed to operate with compressed air over a large range of pressure and temperature. Infact higher the available compressed air temperature lower will be the flow requirement, thus eliminating the need for an after cooler in a compressed air system.

We are Air Ejectors Suppliers and Manufacturers in different materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Hastelloys. The material selection is done after making careful assessments and taking due considerations of the process mediums.

Compressed air driven ejectors are generally used in single stage configuration. Multi stage systems can be designed upon request.

Compressed air ejectors are most reliable and maintenance free among the ejector range.

Applications :

1. Process Vacuum

    Air ejectors are used to handle continuous process loads at vacuum in the industry.

    The higher reliability and maintenance free operation ensures that the ejectors are always up and running in the process.

    An excellent ability to generate and hold vacuum ensures exact operating conditions for the process.

    Air being chemically inert doesn’t react with the process media and ensures non-contamination and also eliminates the risks of explosion or any other hazards.

2. Evacuation

    In plants where the process system volume is very high compared to the in process load, a secondary vacuum generator is required to aid the primary vacuum generator for faster evacuation and to minimize the start-up time.

    The easy availability of compressed air, the non-continuous type of operation, minimal start up times and high reliability together make Compressed air ejectors ideal devices for evacuation.

    If the media in the evacuation volume can be discharged to the atmosphere, it can be done right at the ejector outlets without any intermediate equipment such as condensers or separators in between the ejector and exhaust point. This greatly reduces the capital cost required for the extra evacuation unit.

3. Reactor Batch Sampling

    Compressed air ejectors are used to suck the media inside a reactor to collect samples for testing and experimentation.

    Sampling can be carried out by ejectors for reactors working under a very wide range of pressures.

    Air being inert it doesn’t react with the process media thus delivering uncontaminated samples.

    As the sampling operation is an intermittent type of operation, the overall cost of an ejector turns out to be a lot less than a mechanically driven vacuum pump.

4. Centrifugal Pump Priming

    Compressed air ejectors are used to prime large capacity centrifugal pumps. The simple operation, low maintenance requirements and minimal start up time makes ejectors ideal for the application.

    On starting the pump, compressed air is supplied to the ejector. The ejector sucks the air inside the pump suction line and creates a negative pressure to draw water from the sumps as per the pump requirement.

    A single stage ejector can lift water upto a height of 9m.

    The ejector can also tolerate water ingestion, hence creating no problems even if the drawn water enters the ejectors.