Priming Ejectors for priming of Dewatering Pumps

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Priming Ejectors for priming of Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering Pumps are portable pump units used for removing water in multiple applications. Large Capacity Dewatering Pumps typically used in Infrastructure & Construction Projects are skid mounted large centrifugal pumps driven by a diesel engine mounted on a portable trolley. The pump skids are towed to various field sites for removing water from pits, drains and even from lakes, canals and rivers. Flexible hoses are used to connect the pump inlet and outlet to directly the flow of water.

Being a centrifugal pump, the suction pipeline and pump casing of the dewatering pump requires priming i.e needs to be filled with water before startup. Ever field site differs in terms of the suction hose length and required lift making each field site a unique application.

Alternative Priming techniques such as foot valves and priming tanks cannot be used as both require the suction line to be filled initially with water through external means

In such scenario, the best alternative to carry out priming for Dewatering pumps is to evacuate the air from the suction pipelines and create vacuum in it. The created vacuum is used to draw water upto the Dewatering Pump level

Priming Ejectors are simple devices that operate on the basis of the jet Venturi principle.

Priming Ejectors utilize the energy in compressed air for their operation and create vacuum at its suction inlet.

industrial solutions specializing in Ejector Systems Ejector Technology and Spray Nozzles

The suction inlet of the Priming Ejector is connected to the Suction Pipeline and Dewatering Pump casing. This enables the Priming Ejector to evacuate the air inside the Suction Pipeline and draw wastewater into the Dewatering Pumps

The compressed air required for Priming Ejector operation is obtained by installing a compressor block on the skid. The compressor block is driven by the engine through a pulley belt system.

Priming Ejectors are best suited for priming of Dewatering Pumps due to their inherent characteristics

• Ease of Operation – The ejector is switched On/Off entirely by controlling the Air / flow to the ejector. Hence it is not necessary to access the ejector for controlling its operation.
• Availability in SS316 Material – offers excellent corrosion resistance against multiple water compositions .
Priming Ejectors do not contain any moving parts and have large internal passage areas, hence are not vulnerable to liquid entry or clogging by solid particles.
• As they have no moving parts, maintenance requirements are very less. Also it reduces largely the risk of abrupt breakdowns, helps in maintaining the regular production schedule
• Small space requirement – does not add any space requirement and weight to the portable skids.