Ballast Eductors for stripping Crude Oil Tanks

Ballast Eductors are Liquid Eductors that operate on the basis of the jet venturi principle Ballast Eductors utilize the energy in pumped Crude to suck Crude Oil from the tanks and pump it out from the outlet.

Most importantly Ballast Eductors are self priming in nature and unlike Oil Pumps do not require any separate priming action. This enables Ballast Eductors to be started directly even in case of low Crude levels in the Crude Tanks.

Ballast Eductors are able to handle high suction lifts and can suck crude even from a 8m suction lift. This is helpful in pumping out crude even from the lowermost levels of the tank

VLCC (Very Large Crude Carriers) and ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Carriers) are large ships used for transporting crude oil across the world.
These Crude Carriers have multiple tanks for storing Crude Oil during transit.
At the port of discharge, the crude oil is pumped out of the tanks using Oil Pumps and Ballast Eductors.

When the tanks are full, the Oil pumps start pumping Crude Out. But as pumping continues the crude level falls in the tanks and the pumps need to overcome the suction lift. But Ballast Eductor can comfortably handle high suction lifts and are easily able to strip the Crude tanks down to the lowermost levels.

Benefits of Ballast Eductors in stripping crude oil tanks
• Capacity to provide high suction lifts helps in stripping the tanks to the lowermost levels.
• Self-priming nature enables quick start-up.
• Ballast Eductors do not contain any moving parts and have large internal passage areas, hence are not vulnerable to clogging by solid particles.
• As they have no moving parts, maintenance requirements are very less. Also it reduces largely the risk of abrupt breakdowns, helps in maintaining the regular operating schedule
• Non sparking Operation – Can be comfortably used with flammable fluids such as Crude Oil
• Silent Operation