Vacuum Ejectors India


Our Products find an application in a diverse range of industries:

  • Chemical IndustryOpen or Close

    Our Ejector vacuum systems provide a diverse range of suction flows along a broad vacuum range. That combined with a healthy tolerance towards corrosion has made them a perfect choice for many chemical processes encountered in the chemical industry.

    Our heat exchangers manufactured from special steels and exotic metals find widespread use in the chemical industry especially in corrosive and demanding applications.

  • Oil and Gas Sector Open or Close

    Our Products find a wide range of applications in the Oil and Gas Sector.

    Ejector systems cater to a wide range of applications ranging from Process Vacuum for the Distillation Processes to the pressure boosting involved in Flare Gas Recovery Systems.

    Corrosion resistant equipment fabricated out of Special Steels and Exotic Metals find an application among Columns, Heat exchangers and Reactors.

  • Fertilizer Production Plants. Open or Close

    Our Ejectors cater to the evaporation requirements in the fertilizer production process especially in plants involving phosphoric acid evaporation.

  • Paper Industry Open or Close

    The precise and reliable vacuum requirements of the Paper drying phase in the paper production process are completely satisfied by our ejector vacuum systems.

  • Pharmaceutical IndustryOpen or Close

    We supply ejectors for vacuum based heating, cooling, distillation demands in a pharmaceutical industry of both batch and continuous types. Precise operating control and reliability of our systems help to maximize the gains of the involved processes.

  • Power to Gas Energy Storage systems Open or Close

    Gas Energy Storage systems are used In conjunction with Renewable Energy plants to store the excess energy .This excess energy is used to produce Hydrogen in electrolyzers.

    We supply Hydrogen Generation Systems which comprises of electrolyzers. The output of our system enables direct delivery of the produced hydrogen in the gas grids.

  • Steel Industry Open or Close

    Our Ejector based vacuum systems find a role in degassing applicationsin Steel production due to the high temperatures, corrosive behaviour and dirty nature of the suction loads.

    We supply Tantalum based Heat exchanger solutions for the pickling applications. They display superior performance and high reliability over a long time period compared with the conventional (Graphite, PTFE) heat exchangers.

Other than the above mentioned industries our products are also used in the Textile industry and many others