Vacuum Ejectors and jet pumps - Articles
Hairpin Heat Exchanger


Ejectors In Sampling Systems

In any reactor application, reactor media samples need to be analysed to judge the progress and...

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Ejector Vapour Recovery Unit

In the Oil and Gas Industry, product vapours are produced...

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Pump Priming Ejectors

The suction line of a Centrifugal Pump needs to run full of liquid for the...

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Multi Jet Ejectors

Ejectors are devices that rely upon the change in flow properties when flowing through variable cross-sectional geometries to bring about the compression and incre

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Ejectors in Flare Gas Recovery Systems

Petroleum refineries, Natural gas processing plants and in Oil and gas Production sites, mixture...

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Operating principle of the Atmospheric Air ejector-Liquid...

As shown in the diagram, discharge port of the ejector is connected to the suction port of the LRVP. When the LRVP is...

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Operating conditions in Industry where Vacuum ejectors should be...

Corrosive Suction media can corrode the internals of a vacuum pump to a large extent. In order to tackle the corrosion, the...

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Conditions in which an air should be preferred over steam as motive fluid for ejector

In plants where a steam supply is absent, installation of a steam ejector will require an erection of steam supply apparatus.

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